Capacity building is an integral aspect of development for the modern day individual. It cuts across all spheres of life.
SCOCB is one of the nine committees of NiMSA.It is a gathering of dedicated medical students who are passionate about development of every salient aspect of life, in order to achieve a positive change in the society.


The need for a balanced medical student adequately empowered to tackle health challenges cannot be overemphasized. This led to the reformation of the standing committee on policy and training (SCOPT) to the standing committee on capacity building (SCOCB).
Also,in our region (Africa),capacity building has become a major theme in the contemporary society leading to the rise of capacity building units (CBU) across various NMOs.NiMSA is not left behind,hence SCOCB has come to stay.


To equip our members with resource skills and tools adequate for them to be useful and achieve a positive change in whatever environment they find themselves in. To be efficient both within and beyond the healthcare system.


To create a society in which every medical student is empowered adequately to overcome any challenge inorder to achieve a healthy nation.


Not specified

Jacob Saaku
Scocb Director