SCOEPA : SCOEPA stands for Standing Committee On Environment and Population Activities and it’s one of the nine(9) standing committees in NiMSA (Nigerian Medical Students Association).
The committee is in charge of all affairs relating to our Environment and how best to preserve same and as well making sure our population is controlled.
SCOEPAns are group of Medical Students committed to, passionate and concerned about our environment, population control and the effects of human activities on environmental sustainability.

History of SCOEPA

Though SCOEPA is not one of the six Standing Committees of IFMSA, it was however developed locally to address some of the pressing issues we have (viz a viz overpopulation and environmental pollution) and was coined from two standing committees of FAMSA (standing committee on health and environment SCOHE & standing committee on population activities SCOPA)

Visions and missions


­čî▓ Achieving a Health friendly environment
­čî▓and a Controlled population


­čî▓Climate action
­čî▓Achieving a controlled population
­čî▓Maintaining a healthy environment
­čî▓Increasing our knowledge on population and environmental health
­čî▓And partnership for the achievement of this goals.


­čî▓Media Awareness
­čî▓Rallies and community awareness
­čî▓ Symposiums and Summits
­čî▓Weekly Online/Offline Publications
­čî▓Community Projects/ Outreaches
­čî▓Capacity building etc


­čî▓Enlighten the populace on ways and means of population control.

­čî▓ Community awareness on Environmental measures of diseases prevention

­čî▓Train Peer Educators and Activists

­čî▓Advocate to both the Government and Policy Makers on the need to institute and implement good environmental friendly policies.

­čî▓Work with the media in ensuring every issue on environmental and population abuse is well covered and properly addressed.

­čî▓Carry out health and environmental surveys.