The main pillars of NiMSA international structure can be divided as follow:

The Executive Council;

  1. The  President
  2. The Vice President Internal Affairs, and External Affairs
  3. The MSA President of registered MSA
  4. The Secretary General
  5. The Treasurer
  6. The Public Relations Officer
  7. The Directors of Standing Committees
  8. The Immediate Past President
  9. Other officers appointed by the Presidents
  10. Six regions to support the growth, development and active recruit of national member organisations
  11. Nine standing committees axed on the most relevant health related topics for medical students
  12. Programs to streamline activities, campaigns, projects of medical students on the local and national level
  13. Various capacity building oriented activities and projects to give students tools and skills to grow as health leaders

The General Assembly , where members decide on the annual priorities, elect the national officials, vote on organizational issues, and more!